How to Create Impactful Remote Work Portfolio- Training Session for Amal Academy Fellows

I had the privilege of leading a virtual training session for a group of 65 Amal Academy fellows. The focus of the session was on the art of crafting impactful remote work portfolios. With the aim of equipping them with valuable insights, I delved into the smart strategies that can elevate their portfolios by effectively showcasing their academic, internship, and volunteer experiences.

During the session, I emphasized the importance of tailoring portfolios to the remote work environment. With the increasing prevalence of remote work opportunities, it has become crucial for individuals to present their skills and accomplishments in a way that stands out in the virtual space.

From selecting the most relevant projects and assignments to highlighting the impact of their work, each step was carefully addressed to maximize their chances of success.

It was a rewarding experience to witness the enthusiasm and dedication of the Amal Academy fellows throughout the training session. I have no doubt that their newfound insights will propel them toward success in the realm of remote work, opening doors to exciting career prospects.

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  • Amal Academy Pakistan
  • Start DateApril 16, 2023
  • End DateApril 16, 2023
  • Duration2h
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