How to Make Your Brands Stand Out on Social Media- Training for Quetta-Based Startups

Led a training session for Quetta-based startups on how to make your brands stand out on social media, hosted by Lincoln Corner.
My goal was to help them find a point of differentiation for their products/services, use mixed media to creatively put together engagement campaigns, and understand content development essentials. Most of them were not familiar with brand color psychology and how to use it to design communication, so they were especially keen on the subject.
It’s always interesting coming across startups from different niches and facilitating their journeys for a medium as exciting and ever-changing as social media.
  • OrganiserLincoln Corners, Pakistan
  • Lincoln CornerVirtual
  • Start DateJanuary 13, 202
  • End DateJanuary 13, 202
  • Duration2h
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