Social Media Summer Camp

I led a week-long workshop on social media marketing with the goal of enabling youth to have their own passion projects ready for running campaigns and monetization. We talked about finding a brand voice on social media, targeting the right audience, effectively engaging in communities, running inorganic and organic campaigns, and using the right tools to automate tasks.

By the end of the workshop, the participants had developed their launch campaign and I am absolutely proud to see that some of them have even started reaching out to the right partners/stakeholders to work on the engagement campaign and monetize their projects moving on!

The energy and excitement they’d bring to every session were contagious. No wonder I love working with youth to facilitate them kickstart their digital media journeys!

  • OrganiserLincoln Corners, Pakistan
  • Lincoln CornerOnline
  • Start DateJune 27, 2022
  • End DateJuly 5, 2022
  • Duration7d
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You were an excellent tutor for these two productive hours!​ — Noor Ayesha​

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